Desert Tours From Marrakech

Let the flying eagles of orel tours take you to a memorable and magical travel experience!
Experience the charm of Morocco’s sahara desert, and the indescribable feeling under the luminous stars of the Saharan sky, A feeling that will be remembered for a lifetime.
Discover the moroccan hospitality, the fantastic sandy dunes and the amazing camel rides.

With Orel Tours, The serenity of Morocco’s desert is just a few click away!

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  • We booked our shara tour in our riad located in old town, They were outstanding! Playing with sand and watching the camels was someting adorable. and keep in mind that you don’t want to miss the sunrise and the sunset.

    Vanna Calabresi
    Solo Traveller
  • A breath taking exeperience! We were lucky to find this tour operator during a pandemic. the luxury of the tent suprised us, fruit quality was very good, the guide was kind and took beautiful photos for us. they treated us very well so i would not hesitate to recommend this tour operator.

    Tim Corby
    Family Traveller
  • I am a few months late writing this review, orel tours took us in January 2019, However approximately every week my husband and I still talk about our trip. I definitely recommend their services, once you travel to the Desert you fell in love with it.

    Stacy W
    Couple Traveller